Making an impact on tomorrow

Green hydrogen is key to deep decarbonization

Imagine a world where the only pollution from industry and heavy transport is water vapor – where the world has solved the climate crisis. This is the world green hydrogen enables.

Green hydrogen can be made from renewable energy such as solar and wind using electrolysis. Green hydrogen can be further processed into other fuels such as ammonia, methanol, eJet and eDiesel or used directly.

At Peak Element, we believe in a greener world and that green hydrogen is a solution for deep carbonization. We have experienced experts covering this field and we work towards enabling the hydrogen economy together with various stakeholders across the globe. 

What we do

Impact creation

We are driven by a desire to combat climate change and make an impact on the world. We do this by creating awareness and educating various stakeholders on the potential and market of green hydrogen.

Business intelligence

We conduct research and track the green hydrogen market closely. We provide business intelligence and advisory on the way forward for non-profits, politicians and businesses. The market is taking off and now is the time to act.

Data-backed excellence

We strive for excellence and provide data-backed insights and models. We value honesty, dependency and actionable advice in the work that we do. We believe that high-quality work and insights can make all the difference.




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